ProHance is a Work Transformation Analytics Platform that helps unlock true productivity in complex blend operations, across multiple industries. Work Transformation methodology is an approach to organizational improvement, focused on continuously eliminating waste and improving value-add time of employees, thereby driving operational efficiencies.
ProHance enhances work productivity by 15% to 30%, enabling organizations move forward on their digital & lean transformation journey, by providing strong data measurement & analysis, capacity unlocking, variation management and data segmentation. ProHance analytics drives measurable business outcomes, helps optimize workforce performance & processes and drives employee engagement by providing real time visibility on workforce productivity and utilization.


ProHance - How it Works
ProHance Mate runs securely in the background and interacts with the end user based on the work style adopted
Work Activity published automatically that includes captured time on system and declared time away from system
Full control by end user on what can be reported and what can be masked as private
Powerful ProHance Analytics Engine to process all data in near real-time and provide rich insights into team engagement, productivity and time efficiency
Advanced MIS to drive capacity management and lean transformation
Seamless Integration with business operations





Million Hours Saved

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Automated Work Time Tracking
Automated Work Time capture

Reduce time leakages by analyzing what employees accomplished during a defined period

Work OutPut Analysis
Work Load & Work Output Analysis

Understand work style patterns and utilization through work load analysis. Correlate time and results , compare teams and individuals within teams for systematic improvements

RealTime Project Tracking
Real Time Project Tracking

Track Project status and trends, resource allocation and efforts, earned value and revenue recognition

Asset Utilization
Asset Optimization

Eliminates resource sprawl and optimizes utilization of existing workstations and space, thereby reducing overall capital and operational costs

Reports Analytics
Rich Dashboards and Analytics

Comprehensive and user friendly dashboards to improve employee productivity and ensure work transformation

Integration Adapters
Integration Adaptors

Out of the box integration with Active Directory/HRIS, Microsoft outlook, Workflow Management and Project Management tools

Inherently Secure
Data Privacy

Does not collect any keystrokes, form input or anything nefarious. Does not capture any data within the title window except for the window title

Non Intrusive
Non Intrusive

Highly non intrusive and has no impact on user’s work. Provides flexibility to employees to enable personal privacy mode

Operating System
Operating System

Windows, Linux  and MAC

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Gain global visibility into your workforce, their workstyles and work output across projects, teams and locations
Build stronger and highly engaged teams, aligned to the organizations’ objectives
Drive effective strategies around capacity planning, people retention and optimal hiring
Empower managers and workers with rich analytics & reports to predict and trend in real-time, and help them make crucial business decisions
Enable telecommuting and flexi – working without loss of control and without the need to supervise.
Enhance productivity across teams to improve work life balance
Drive lean management initiatives by understanding employee competency level
Detect early signs of attrition through decrease in work efforts, increased digital distractions, and increased absenteeism.
Achieve financial and competitive advantage with these rich insights


In today’s people-based economy, talent in any organization is the single largest expenditure and most defining resource. Organizations that commit to workforce visibility, alignment and optimization are well positioned to dominate in the new economy. Some of the key industries where ProHance has demonstrated immense value are as follows;
Business Process Management (BPO/KPO/LPO)
IT/IT Enabled Services
Shared Services & Captive Centres
Other desk bound service providers